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Small (2.5cm or 1) pet jellyfish is one of the only uk suppliers of moon jellies, making them a valuable supplier for any european owners of jellyfish tanks. In nature a moon jellyfish's diet consists almost entirely of zooplankton.

JellyTank Buy Live Pet Jellyfish & Desktop Jellyfish

Raised in the uk to produce the healthiest pet moon jellyfish.

Moon jellyfish pet price. Plus free delivery when you buy 6 or more medium jellyfish! Order 5 or more jellyfish and receive 10% discount! There are a few different species you can consider, with a range of price and difficulty in raising:

Pet jellyfish for your jellyfish tank showing all 3 results. Jellyfish aquariums are a new kind of interior. The first step is learning about jellyfish, their needs and wants, and how to keep them happy and healthy.

The tentacles of the moon jellyfish are poisonous for small marine animals but people are not affected by the toxin since it does not penetrate the skin. Exhibits calm pulsing movements in the aquarium. 1) learn, 2) cycle, and 3) shop.

L size moon jellyfish (approx 6 to 8 cm dia) $99.95. We do not sell live jellyfish online. Brine shrimp are readily available at any fish specialty store that sells saltwater fish.

S size moon jellyfish (approx. Order 4 or more jellyfish and receive 10% discount! When colored light is shined upon these jellyfish, they take on the color of that light.

Two decades of research and design have gone into making the best jellyfish tank possible. Exotic aquaculture live jellyfish for wholesale markets. was created to provide everything you need to know to successfully care for moon jellyfish.

The jellyfish warehouse is the place to go if you're looking for pet jellyfish. The jellyfish shop is your online source for a specialized aquarium designed to keep moon jellyfish. Moon jellyfish have short tentacles along the edge of the bell and four short arms situated around the mouth for catching food.

If you wish to buy a pet jellyfish please visit our recommended retail partners listed below. Pet jellyfish offer live jellyfish to buy online, with moon, blubber, flame, amuska and spotted lagoon types available. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a retail partner.

M size moon jellyfish (approx. Moon jellyfish have some of the longest life spans of any of our pet jellyfish, and can typically live for up to and, if treated well, over a year. Jellytank is a desktop jellyfish aquarium designed for the home, office or commercial space.

Furthermore, when you buy a jellyfish art tank from us, you will automatically become a member of the jelly club. Aurelia species #1 a clear, round jellyfish, with four long oral arm tentacles. 4 to 6 cm dia) $89.95.

Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more… © 2020 jellyfish art. Plus free delivery when you buy 9 or more small jellyfish! We have multiple species of aquacultured jellyfish for sale including sea nettles, moon jellies, lagoon jellyfish, lion's mane jellyfish etc.

In addition, they sell various other species of jellyfish (blubber, sea nettle, etc.). 2 to 4 dia) $79.95. A starter kit that includes food, as well as a pair of jellyfish, can cost anywhere from $150 to $400.

Exotic aquaculture is an international aquarium livestock company specializing in jellyfish.we supply the aquarium trade with a wide range of jellyfish species ranging from common moon jellyfish to rare sea nettles. A common pet, such as the small moon jellyfish, retails for $30 to $60, while a large moon jellyfish can retail for $55 to $75. The jelly tank is the most affordable aquarium that makes keeping jellyfish simple for anyone.

Moon jellyfish (most common, cheapest and easiest to care for) lagoon jellyfish (a little more expensive, some special care instructions) Xl size moon jellyfish (approx. Jellyfish pricing vary, and is dependent on many things, such as type, size, season, the suppliers current price, freight costs (depending on where they are collected from), danger involved, and the colour of the animal.

Our jellyfish aquarium kit includes all the filtration needed to keep your live pet jellyfish happy and healthy. This is the most common jellyfish that you’ll find in jellyfish stores, famous for their opaque white color and relaxing swimming movements. We also supply equipment and food specifically designed to breed and grow jellyfish.

Raised in the uk our pet moon jellyfish are the healthiest around. Their mesmerizing forms and soothing movement create living works of art. Owning pet jellyfish are now easier than ever with our state of the art tank.

Small (1.5), medium (2), large (3) See more ideas about jellyfish, sea creatures, ocean creatures. They can hold numerous moon jellyfish, however, the number that can be kept within the tank is dependent on the size of the jellyfish.

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